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What's new?
Get authorization and sign in to Corporate Internet Banking not only with your key but now with Digipass and ID card as well

To get authorization using Digipass, please enter:

  • Username;
  • Password and
  • One-time code.

To get a one-time code, please turn on Digipass, press OK, enter PIN, press OK again and then press “Login”. The screen will display a 6-digit one-time code. Enter the code in the relevant field of the authorization window and press “Enter C-Bank”.

Signing using Digipass

To activate Digipass, press OK, enter PIN, press OK again, then “Sign”, enter the first parameter appearing in the signature window, confirm with OK, enter the second parameter and confirm with OK. A one-time code will appear on the screen.

Enter the code in the relevant field of the signature window and press the “Sign” button to complete the signature process.


To get authorization and sign using a key, press the “Select” buton in the Secret Key field, look up the key address (i.e. the relevant folder), select the file “secret.key” and press “Open”. Enter your secret key password in the password field. Press the relevant button to get authorization/sign.

ID Card

To get authorization and sign using your ID card, please have your ID card, its PIN and card reader with you.

Enter the username in the Username field and press Enter C-Bank/Sign. If you have connected a card reader with buttons, enter PIN in the cardrReader. If you have connected a touch-screen reader, enter PIN on the screen.

Customize Corporate Internet Banking to your business needs
Before getting authorization in C-Bank, you can customize your rights and define the signature structure in advance. After authorization, your C-Bank will be exactly as you need.
Beyond impossible convenience in usability
and design
  • Within the Quick Links section on the Home Page, you can insert links to the websites and transfer forms you use most often. If necessary, you can arrange such links and forms in order of priority;
  • For each account, you can view information on the transactions performed on the current day;
  • You can select and arrange document fields as you prefer on the Corporate Internet Banking documents and signature page. You can modify field sizes as you prefer. You can also arrange documents in ascending or descending order;
  • It is possible to jointly cancel and sign documents within a package transfer file or edit or cancel a particular document.
New data export capabilities
Lists of documents, reports, deposits or credits, loan payments and payment schedules can be exported Excel or PDF formats.
Create/use a database of recipients
You can enter recipient’s details in advance and use them automatically to make transfers: recipient’s account, RTGS/SWIFT/identification numbers as well as invoices and the contracts.
Package approach

For package transfers, you can upload 3 types of files – salaries, national currency or foreign currency transfers.

On the file processing page, you can arrange documents within a package in ascending or descending order. You can select, arrange and re-size fields as you prefer. You can also filter or edit faulty documents.

You can cancel or sign documents within a package jointly.

Automation of treasury codes
Treasury codes and their descriptions are provided in the manual. These codes can be used automatically when making transfers to the Treasury.
Enhanced security

When making an internal transfer, if the recipient that you enter is a legal entity, such recipient will be checked against the name of the IBAN account holder with the bank, and if the recipient that you enter is a natural person, such recipient will be checked against the first name and last name of such person. The comparison will show a % result of matching.

To check for duplication when creating any documents or performing package transfers, the new document is checked to see whether it matches any of the documents already created. You can compare documents in advance according to the fields that you select.